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De Côte d'Opale: Cap Gris Nez and Cap Blanc Nez


5 minutes past Calais, the French-Flemish polder landscape suddenly starts rolling and you end up in a coastal area full of wild cliffs, endless dunes, breathtaking beaches and picturesque fishing villages: that is the Côte d'Opale! Along the winding coastal road between Calais and Boulogne-sur-Mer you arrive in the land of Les 2 Caps: two cliffs rising above the narrowest part of the Channel. Cap Blanc Nez is the most spectacular: the 133-meter high chalk cliffs are geologically identical to the White Cliffs of Dover, 30 km across. In clear weather you can see England.


Cap Gris Nez is ten kilometers further south. Both strategic cliffs are littered with crumbly bunkers from the Second World War. Near Cap Gris Nez, there is a massive bunker (between Audinghen and Audresselles) that has been converted into an army museum. Those who want more war stories can also visit the Museum 39-45 in Ambleteuse. Further inland, in Mimoyecques and Eperlecques, there are also old launch bases of V2 and V3 rockets used for the Blitz on London.


Wissant, Audresselles en Ambleteuse

Wissant is located between the two Caps. Four large signposted hiking trails leave here, from 19 to 27 km long. The Entre les Monts and Le Mont de Couple circuits are also suitable for mountain bikers. Bird lovers will enjoy the much shorter 'Sentier du Fartz', which runs around a lake and past five bird huts. You can also just walk on the beach towards the cliffs but remember to pay attention to the tides at the Cap Blanc Nez.


In the authentic fishing village of Audresselles you can experience the atmosphere of the past. You will find nice restaurants and fisherman's houses.The Flobarts and the fishing boats are an attraction on their own. they supply fresh fish every day, which is offered for sale at various stands.


The seaside town of Ambleteuse, with a beautiful sandy beach, is located at the mouth of the Slack north of an impressive dunes area (les Dunes du Slack). The beach is dominated by the Fort that was built in the 17th century by Vauban. It is the only one of its kind that has been preserved.

Wimereux en Boulogne-sur-mer

Wimereux is bathed in a completely different atmosphere. The town has a Belle Epoque class character to it, with its old restored Anglo-Norman-style villas, and the beautiful beach. Here you can follow a spectacular signposted hiking trail. The Sentier de la Baie Saint Jean starts at the bridge over the Wimereux (at the mouth) and then quickly climbs up the cliffs, with a particularly spectacular view. Then you follow a seemingly endless winding dune path, full of unique vegetation and rare birds. It becomes even more spectacular: while you reach the Fort of Ambleteuse at the mouth of the river Slack you end up on an enormous pebble plain, the estuary. It was once a military fortress, today it is a center for marine protection. It is a very atmospheric place, especially in stormy weather, when the sea ruthlessly hits the fort. Wimereux offers a wide range of relaxation options such as water sports, sea fishing, beach entertainment, 18-hole golf, horseback rides, cultural excursions., Flea markets ....  


Boulogne-sur-Mer is the capital of the Côte d'Opale. The bustling fishing port, with a huge aquarium and sea center, certainly worth a visit and it's  located by the sea. Higher up, you end up at the gates of the walled city. This is the old Boulogne, an oasis of peace. This fortress was founded by the Counts of Boulogne (from which Godfried van Bouillon came from) and is a particularly picturesque place, almost car-free, full of wine bars, bistros, restaurants and pubs. The basilica is spectacular and impressive and of course the castle museum which has a surprising collection of art from Oceania.


Holiday Homes

The holiday homes of OpaleVacances are optimally situated as a base for numerous outdoor activities whether you just want to rest in the garden, play and relax on the beach, or you prefer to actively enjoy outdoors possibilities. You wil continuously find your self in a dream setting: walking, cycling, mountain biking, kite surfing, kayaking, sailing, surfing, sand yachting, horse riding, golf, tennis, fishing, ...; everything is within reach! Several of our holiday homes have their own petanque area .. Ambiance assured ..!

In het hinterland, de Boulonnais, ga je langs slingerende weggetjes, en op ontdekkingstocht. Gekenmerkt door meidoornhaagjes die de weilanden omzomen, is de Boulonnais een paradijs voor de natuurliefhebber. Zowel de wandelaar, de fietser als de paardenliefhebber vindt er tal van uitgestippelde routes.


Cultuurhistorisch heeft dit gebied alles meegemaakt. Voor Caesar, Napoleon en Hitler lag hier de springplank naar Engeland. Aan de kust getuigen allerlei versterkingen - van oude forten tot de betonnen bunkers uit de Tweede Wereldoorlog- van dit woelige verleden. Landinwaarts vind je vele versterkte hoeves en kastelen.

Sea Food...

Of course you can also enjoy culinary delights: the regional cuisine is varied and specializes in sea food. The region also has a wide variety of local cheeses, not to mention a number of local beers ..! Active people can pick mussels at low tide on the bay of La Pointe aux Oies! Early in the morning, soak up the atmosphere and buy fresh fish from the fishermen in the port of Boulogne-sur-mer or in Audresselle, and enjoy cooking! Pure indulgence are the many restaurants where you can order a very fresh platter of fruits de mer. Plenty of choice ..!

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